2022 Chenin blanc

Medium body with flavors of golden apple, pear, and honeydew melon. 

100% Chenin blanc grapes

Grapes sourced from South Africa, produced in Massachusetts.

(For Sale in MA Only)

Suggested Food Pairings

Poultry dishes, spicy Asian cuisine, sushi, baked haddock and sole, soft cheeses.

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Winemaker's Notes

Although this grape is native to France's Loire River valley, it has found a home in South Africa.  They have focused on growing this varietal with improved quality and standards that make delicious wines.

Growing Season

The 2022 growing season in South Africa was cooler than usual, giving more time for the grapes to evolve and produce more complex flavors.  This makes this vintage beautifully ripe with a nice balance of sweetness and acidity.

Read more about the 2022 South African Vintage here: SA harvest report reveals ‘small but mighty’ 2022 vintage


The fruit was hand harvested in late spring and was pressed into juice, cold settled, and shipped directly to the east coast of the United States.


Tasting Notes

A complex flavor profile with medium body and flavors of golden apple, pear, and honeydew melon.