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Producers of artisan wines made with premium grapes sourced from coastal New England, the New York Finger Lakes, and the finest regions on the west coast of the United States.

Wines with Distinction

Our wines are made from single vineyards, which give them distinctive flavor profiles with character, as compared to mass produced homogenous blends from many locations.  Even our blends are typically single vineyard blends, but with different grape clones or varietals.

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We are thrilled to announce that both our submissions won awards in the Eastern States Exposition professional gold wine competition, a.k.a. The Big E

🏆 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon: Silver

🏆 2023 Dry Riesling: Bronze  

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Our Wines

Produced in the traditional style with minimal intervention and crafted with focus and precision, our boutique wines have a concentration of flavor with finesse that are delicious to enjoy any day of the week. 

Our wines are 100% Vegan.  We don't use any animal-based ingredients or fining agents.  Our wines are made using traditional methods of time and aging to clarify our wines naturally.

White Wines

Our white wine grapes are mainly sourced from the cooler coastal regions in New England and the New York Finger Lakes.  We ferment most whites in stainless steel tanks, and then continue to mature the wine in tanks or French oak barrels on their lees.  The natural fine lees round out the wines and give them a delicious soft texture and protect it from oxidation throughout the aging process.

Red Wines

Our red wines are made from classic Italian and French varietals grown in many of the best regions in the western United States.  We ferment our reds in open vats to keep the temperatures cooler, which is important for retaining the varietal aromas.  Then we age portions of the wine in inert vessels like tanks or glass, and others in French oak barrels.  Finally, we attempt to skillfully blend different lots to create wines with balance and complexity.

Our Candlelight Red grapes (Noiret) from our estate vineyard (July 22, 2023).

The same cluster with the onset of ripening, or veraison (August 15, 2023).

Cluster near full ripeness (September 5, 2023).


We purchase more than 2 tons of ultra-premium wine grapes from our growing  partners who have great pride for their quality products.  They make multiple passes through the vineyards and discard any grape cluster that lacks consistency or does not meet their high standards.  This forces the vines to concentrate the flavors in the remaining fruit.  Our grapes are hand picked by seasoned farmers who take exceptional care to gently pack the whole clusters into small crates.  They are kept refrigerated through the entire journey to our winery to ensure freshness and quality.  

These grapes are the most costly part of our production, but we are determined to source the best fruit available.  We try very hard to keep our prices as low as possible.  Our Cabernet Sauvignon is less than half the price as other wines using the same grapes.  It is a great example of how we try to deliver value for the quality.  


We employ partial spontaneous fermentations early in the process by letting the resident native yeast and microflora that arrive naturally on the grapes initiate the fermentation.  We don't add Sulphur inhibitors (SO2) during production, which can deactivate and kill the native microbes.  After a 2-3 day resting period and evidence of visual activity, we inoculate with selected yeast strains isolated from the United States that are known to dominate and finish the fermentation cleanly.  We believe these methods produce wines with added complexity and a unique sense of place.

Wine fermentation is a natural biochemical process whereby yeast and microbes convert the grape sugars to alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2), and are essential in wine production.

Oak Cooperage

We source our barrels made of fine French oak from the Sauternes region near Bordeaux France, and American oak from cold northern regions of Minnesota.  The cold climate American oak has a tighter wood grain from slow growth forests which imparts a softer affect on the wine.  This allows us to age the wine for 12 to 18 months to optimally mature the wines to develop the secondary flavors of great complexity, without imparting too much oak "woody" notes into the wine.  These two sources are known to produce the best quality slow-growth tight grain oak that is the best environment for aging our wines.

Oak barrels have a way of maturing wines that no other vessels have matched.  Barrels act as environments and not only as containers.  Wine interacts with small amounts of oxygen in the presence of oak to orchestrate all kinds of chemical reactions that create new flavors, but these are very slow and it takes 6 to 12 months for many of them to form.

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