2020 Cabernet Sauvignon - Reserve

This wine is full bodied and dark garnet colored with concentrated flavors of red fruits with pronounced notes of cherry and blueberry.

A blend of 97% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Petite Verdot

Aged 15 months new and seasoned French oak casks

Suggested Food Pairings: 

Seared or grilled steaks, prime rib, beef stews, short ribs, venison dishes, hard cheeses.

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Highest Grade Sustainable Cork

Cork Grade 0 (rated 0-10, 0 being best)

Molinas Cork was started over 100 years ago by Pietro Molinas on the Italian island of Sardinia. Besides its beautiful beaches, Sardinia is known for its large, government protected Cork tree forests.

Today, the 4th generation of the Molinas family sustainably harvests cork from these protected trees. Different than most cork available in the market, the bark is allowed to mature an additional year. This leads to a less porous, higher quality cork, and has less impact on the forest. Throughout the entire process from tree to finished cork, quality control is strictly monitored and the trees are respected and protected for future harvests. 

We only use Molinas Cork grade 0 corks for our Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve wines which allows our top premium wines to age from 5-20 years.

Watch: Harvesting Cork in Sardinia

Winemaker's Notes

Growing Season

The growing season was long with hot summer days, tempered by cool nights from the cool ocean breeze that flows into the valley, perfect conditions for the long ripening needed for Cabernet.  The fruit was beautifully ripe with a perfect balance of sugars, phenolics, and acidity, with intense concentration of flavors.

Harvest The fruit was hand harvested in late-September and loaded into 36 pound lugs to avoid damage, and shipped in refrigerated trucks to preserve the freshness of the fruit.


Tasting Notes

Dark and full bodied with flavors of red fruits with pronounced notes of cherry and blueberry.